Sr. Mary Raphael, PCPA



You, You alone I love now and forever.
All other loves are gathered in the Tide
That follows me and yet goes on before me,
All sweep together and in You abide.

How can I know that You are always with me?
I see Your Eyes in each and everyone who walks beside me.
I follow all the Saints who trod before me,
And those who come behind will pray for me, for all Eternity.

My life I give to You, my dearest Savior,
You clasp me by the hand and guide me on.
Your Presence comforts me and goes before me
In all my trials until Eternity.

Come, let me hear Your Voice upon the thunder.
The mountains glow with fire, Your Spirit comes
To lead me safe to You, My God forever,
My God, my Everything Eternally.

I see Your Face reflected in the Heavens,
As clouds portend Your stride from Heaven to earth.
My Father, God, my truest Love, my Jesus,
I long to be with You Eternally

To hear Your Voice, to see Your Eyes before me,
To know the rapture of Your Love for me.
My heart cries out to You, my only Treasure.
My heart cries out, for all Eternity.

What ecstasy awaits my path to You, Lord.
I know Iíll find You when Time ends for me.
Then I will hear Your Footsteps drawing near me.
Youíll hurry to my arms, embracing me.

Oh, all you Angels come to be my escort,
Arriving at my birth, through life till death.
You lead me on, inspiring me with courage
And hope that Iíll arrive to meet my Love

To know my destiny, will ever be
In His Blessed Company!

        (from the January 1999 newsletter)