Sr. Mary Raphael, PCPA


The Morning Star

My Lady, my Lady, how beautiful you are!
Your eyes are as resplendent, as is the Morning Star.
Your voice upon the meadowland is like a melody
That wafts its way across the world – a melancholy plea:

"Behold, my children seeking, what will not satisfy.
Their hearts are filled with fleeting joys, they do not hear my cry.
Oh, how I long to gather you, as mother hen her young.
To hover gently over you until your song is sung.

Your life goes by so hastily, you take no time to hear
The message of my dearest Son, that calls so loud and clear."
"Give Me your hearts, I’ve given Mine, My Love pours from the Cross
I paid so great a price for you, I cannot bear the loss.

My Mother gave Me Life and Birth. My Father sent Me here
To make you all My brothers and sons of God so dear.
Why is it that you waver, in giving Me your all?
I came so meek and humble and laid in cattle stall.

I did not come to frighten you, but to invite your love.
I left My Father’s Bosom, My Home in Heaven above.
I call you in so many ways – the beauty of the sea,
The bird calls and the budding spring – created all by Me.

All these cry out and witness to a Love that never dies,
But wait to welcome when you make your journey to the skies.
Then take My Hand, come walk with Me, the way I choose to go.
I have a plan made out for you, your destiny to show.

Forget the world’s allurements, these shadows that betray.
They promise you great happiness, while leading you astray.
Come, find your safety in My Heart, away from earthly charms.
Come, hasten, child, the way is clear. I’ll hold you in My Arms."

                           (from the July 1999 newsletter)