Sr. Mary Raphael, PCPA


The Choice

Backwards, turn backwards, O Time in thy flight.
Make me a child again, just for tonight.
Oft’ I had pondered in wide-eyed amaze
All that creation exposed to my gaze.

Thought in my childishness ‘twas all for me.
Wondered Whoever it’s Maker might be.
All of it whispered, " ‘Tis Love’s mighty goal ~
All of it’s destined to capture your soul.

Oft’ would I fling my arms wide to embrace
Afterwards weeping, "Lord, show me Thy Face!"
Dreams are for childhood, yet as I grew,
Tireless I longed for a heart that was true.

Deep down within me I knew there must be
Someone who cared and belonged just to me.
Easily could I His virtues extol
Once I had found Him I’d give Him my soul.

Gentle and tender, my heart He would woo.
Firm and unbending, yet kind to me too.
Serious, joyful, patient, and meek,
Always forgiveness I’d find when I seek.

Who could have guessed it? How can it be?
Mystery of mysteries ~ One Love ~ yet Three.