Heidi Garman
  Aurora, United States
Condolence for a great man
  Dear Pope John Paul 11, I wish you peace, love, and safety in Heaven and I hope and pray you found comfort and were not scared during the time of your passing and trusted and knew that God will never leave his children because he loves all of us. I don't attend church in my town of Aurora, Minnesota and I am of no religion unlike others, but I have found that you have touched me and have brought God to me without attending church and I thank you for your great effort and ability to do so. We have a picture of you sitting down and looking at a beautiful white dove flying by you and you are smiling and I always look at the picture and it reminds me of you and I always smile and yet I am sad knowing that you have passed, but I know it is only your body that has died, your spirit and soul live on in Heaven forever, you aren't really gone at all because you will live on forever in Heaven. For God said that anyone who believes in me shall not die, but live forever in Heaven forever. As a tribute and shrine for you, Holy Father I made a nice tribute of nice pictures of you and some are in memoriam of you with a necklace shaped as a heart with gems all around it and a cross in the middle on a tack on my wall in my room. I felt that I needed to make a tribute to you because you are a great man and have touched so many people whether young or old, rich, poor and well known or not. You are the Pope of my generation and of so many others who are of my young age and it is hard for me to know that their is going to be a new Pope coming soon and you will be greatly missed and will not be forgotten. I recently purchased magazines that are a tribute to you and enjoy reading and learning about you and your amazing efforts for world peace and teaching and praying for people especially during the World Trade Center attacks in the United States. I used to attend church services with my grandparents when they were alive but since they have passed I don't attend church anymore but I believe that even if one doesn't attend church you can still believe and trust in God and he will love you too. I will miss you and I am saddened by losing you, I wish it didn't have to happen but I trust and know you are in peace in Heaven. Since your passing, I find myself learning and becoming more knowledgeable about the Catholic religion much more now than before and I find it very educational and comforting. I believe you were very brave in not hiding your pain, sickness and suffering during your illness and bad health and you showed us how to be brave and confront our own illness when we get ill and how to be brave and to completely trust God's will when it comes time for us to pass and to not be afraid when that time comes because God loves us and will do us no harm. I find great comfort in your words: Be not afraid. Because I used to think about when it is time to die and I was scared about what is going to happen even though I do trust and truly believe in God and your words add comfort to me. Thank you. I truly believe you are a Pope of the People and you connected with everyone and loved everyone and we love you forever. I will greatly miss you and you are in my prayers. God bless you, Holy Father. Love you always,Heidi Garman from Aurora, Minnesota. I recently printed really nice tribute cartoons of you from my computer from a professional cartoon website and they are very nicely done and greatly remind me of you. I truly believe you were a patriarch and bearer of peace and love for the world and for people and I hope the world today and people are better because of you. I wish you peace and love and it is hard to say farewell because you will be missed and many blessings for you. I also have a cross in my room and I find it very beautiful and comforting. I will always remember you and I know you are the best Pope ever and you will be missed.Also, by my tribute of you, I have two angel stickers on my wall in my room and they glow in the dark at night and I thought it was really nice and comforting. Sincerely, Heidi Garman from Aurora, Minnesota.


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