Oswego, United States
  While the US was praying for Terri Schiavo and for the health of the Pope as was I; I also was praying for my Grandmother. She was very ill and almost died several times, with the help of medical interventions but mostly the sacrament of the sick and prayer and the Grace of God she didn't die. This was truly a Lent for me of prayer like no other. To make a long emotional rollercoaster short. My Grand mother gives the credit to her now recovery to her prayers to our deceased Holy Father Pope John Paul the II. Many things went on during her stay at the hospital from putting her down as a DNR order,no feeding tubes,vents, to a discussion of a peacful death for Grandma with a little help of moriphine. All of which I made my feelings known and to do what the church says is allowed. However I am just the Grand daughter so have no final or legal say, but I did what I could to be an advocate for her and the church. It was hard to even get Priest's up there to bless her but I called and nagged. She had many health problems and many complications, the last problem was congestive heart failure and her hearing loss ;this is where the Holy Father comes in. She could not get off this medication to keep her blood preasure up when ever she was being slowly taken off her blood preasue would drop back down. The family feared for her because you see you can not stay on this med forever soon she would have to come off of it whether her blood preasue stableized or not. My Grandmother is 88 years old 89 in MAy. She;s been a faithful Catholic all her life. She's been suffering with much with joy for years. She has and is a great inspiration to me. While finding out about the Pope's death while still in the hospital she prayed for the intersession of the Holy father. Her hearing returned and her blood pressure stablized. She now after about a month has left the hospital. She is now at a rhab facility to help her walk again. At 88 she still has the will to live, is still loved, is still the most important member of our family with more courage and strenth then anyone I has ever known. I pray she lives much longer because I know I have much more to learn from her. But as we all know Gods will be done. Please pray for her and pray that when it is finally her time to go that the Lord takes her, not dehydration and starvation, not moriphine and all the other "comfort care"the medical personal and some family members were going to give my Grandmother and may try to do again. Please pray for her safty and respect at the end of her life. Some of my family cried what about Grandmas quality of life, I said what about God's will? They didn't care. Letting her die would be eaiser, then they wouldn't have to care for her it would be done. Her burden on some of them would be over. She had 6 children 2 died or she'd have 8. Only one really wanted to kill her the rest really didn't understand all her medical options well; however it was the nurse of the children, the nurse who wanted to help her die painlessly. What does that say about what they are teaching our medical professionals today? Thank you Holy Father! Thank you for saving my Grandmother from being killed and from an untimely death. This old woman while in and out of a sleep like state when awoke would try to do her leg exercises so she could walk again. Does this soud like a woman who was ready to die? She prayed and waited on Gods will to get better, and then prayed to our Holy Father and now is no longer in the hospital. Old people have dignity and deserve profound respect and admiration. However the hospials don't see them that way becareful watch your loved ones in the hospital don't leave then alone, be there advocate or their wishes will be disreguarded and they maybe killed without you ever knowing or understanding that that's what happended to them. Anyway that's my lent. Amen!


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