Naples, United States
I say so long to our beloved Pope
  Dear friends in Christ: As a member of the Universal church and a practicing catholic I must say that I will miss our Pope very much. He showed us all that even in this "crazy world" we as catholic "must" stand for what is right on issues as abortion, same sex marriages, and fight against a world that is in much darkness. He devoted a lot of his time to the youth and some of the youth do not follow what the Church teaches. I trully hope that we all work to be examples of good and not evil. I hope and pray that the next Pope will not be liberal on his view and will not allow modern views or people to change the teachings of the Church. No women priest. Modest dress should be taught from the altars by the priest. Here in Florida people are so disrespectful that they come in short, young girls in short skirts so short that they can sit without showing themselves. I am a woman who believe that we should show respect in the mass as well as in our daily lives. The Holy Father was a man that was not going to change the Church teaching to "please" the American people or the world. I loved him very much and I will always love him. I pray that he will continue to guides us all and the Holy Church until our Lord comes. The world is in bad shape and one last thing. We as faithful catholics should follow only God and not what is in the world. We are the salt of the earth. We follow God and not God should not follow us. We need God he does not need us and until all catholics really undertand that then and until then we will united in one holy Catholic Church. I feel that people who critize my Church catholic and alike should leave us alone. I have had bad experiences where cathloic critized and ridiculed my Church. I say to those type of people that they should just leave the Church. They do more harm than good being in the Church. I love my Church and when I love I love from the heart and not from my lips. I love my Lord Jesus and our Blessed Mother and all that is in my Church otherwise I would not be a member in it. Anyhow, My God Bless all good catholic people of the world and all our clergy, missionaries and seminarians. We need to fight to the end against the forces of evil and give a good fight as our Holy Father. So at the judgement day we all our names in the book of life and not be at the left of our lord as people who did not love him but love the world more than our Lord. God Bless you all


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