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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
Claire Delaney, United States Holy Father John Paul II 4/13/2005
Carmen M. Rodriguez, United States Pope John Paul II 4/13/2005
Sison Family, United States Gift From God 4/13/2005
Gregory and Pebbles Smith, United States Farewell but not forever.... 4/13/2005
Jim Logue Jr, United States God bless Pope John Paul II 4/13/2005
The Majoros Family, United States Thanks Be To God 4/13/2005
Greg, United States GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT POPE! 4/13/2005
Elena Prince, United States Condolence 4/13/2005
Daniel J. Scallon, United States A forgiving, giving, and patient man 4/13/2005
Joan Van Segvelt, United States Good Bye Papa.... 4/13/2005
Patty Korach, United States A Special Thank You to John Paul II 4/13/2005
james agbo, Nigeria pray for us holy father(pope john paul ii) 4/13/2005
Felipe Gonzalez, United States We were left off with a great example. 4/13/2005
Margaret Ware, United States John Paul II 4/13/2005
Karen Ertl, United States Traveling Pope 4/13/2005
Catherine Davis, United States Condolences 4/13/2005
Eli & Teresita Nueva, United States Intercessor in Heaven 4/13/2005
Greg Pierre, United States Thank you for a life well lived 4/13/2005
Delores Patouhas, United States Tribute & admiration 4/13/2005
M. Illidge, United States His Holiness John Paul II 4/13/2005
Mr.&Mrs Gerald Pietszak & Family, United States Condolences to Our Holy Father Pope John Paul II 4/13/2005
Greg, United States GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT POPE! 4/13/2005
maria g., Mexico despedida a Juan Pablo II 4/13/2005
Paulette Emery, United Kingdom Privilege 4/13/2005
martis swinda, Aruba condolences 4/13/2005
kim, Korea, South pope John paul 11 4/13/2005
Barbara Simmons, United States Thank You Holy Father 4/13/2005
Karen Murray, Canada Another Heart Full of Love 4/13/2005
Olga E. Blake, United States Intercession 4/13/2005
Cantu Family, United States In Thanksgiving... 4/13/2005
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