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           Name - Country Topic Date
C. Aranguena-Leavitt, United States Light of Our Lives 4/14/2005
francis dominic savio, India to my dear POPE 4/14/2005
Loretta, United States Love 4/14/2005
Mary Joyce Labitan, Hong Kong The Holy Father 4/14/2005
C. Aranguena-Leavitt, United States Light of Our Lives 4/14/2005
Alberto Ortiz, Philippines Thank You Holy Father 4/14/2005
Jennifer Dsilva, India Give us someone like Him again 4/14/2005
seppy, Philippines u r a great pope 4/13/2005
Joan York, United States Great Loss of a Wonderful Human Being 4/14/2005
Jeffrey & Mary Petrino, United States John Paul II, We Shall ALWAYS Love You 4/14/2005
Marie Bartolome, Philippines John Paul the Great, pray for us! 4/14/2005
Patty Sarver, United States John Paul II the Great 4/14/2005
Bill Gaudry, United States In Conclusion: Thank You, Holy Father! 4/14/2005
Lisa, Philippines The miracle who is Karol Wojtyla 4/14/2005
Josephine V. Rosaschi, United States To His Excellency: Archbishop Stanislau Dzuwisz 4/14/2005
A.Richard Chenot, United States Ministry to Youth 4/13/2005
Jerry Leonard, United States True blessing from God 4/13/2005
Vanessa G., United States I love you Holy Father, our Pope. Thanks for bringing Christ to us! 4/13/2005
Michael A. Covatch, United States John Paul the Great 4/13/2005
Sharon Blevins, United States To Our Beloved Pope 4/13/2005
Charles H. Miranda, United States Follow The Rainbow To Heaven. 4/13/2005
Clare Weissman, United States Pope John Paul II 4/13/2005
Richard & Nuala Menezes, Grenada God's gift to us - John Paul 11 4/13/2005
Angel Milla, United States message of condolence. 4/13/2005
Joan G. Carr, United States Sorrow and Joy at the passing of our Holy Father 4/13/2005
Nicole Teigen, United States I'll Miss You Papa 4/13/2005
Robert Poissant, United States condolence and correspondence. 4/13/2005
Christopher J. Emmanuel, Saint Lucia Pope John Paul II 4/13/2005
Bill Farrell, United States Communion of Saints 4/13/2005
Gibran and Lina Zogbi & Family, United States Thanks for your Courage 4/13/2005
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