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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
Gloria Rivera, United States Condolence for the Holy Father Pope John Paul II 4/14/2005
virginia w. ronquillo, United States encouragement 4/14/2005
DAVE AND MAGGIE, United States WE LOVE YOU 4/14/2005
Ana, la I love you 4/14/2005
Robillard 7, United States He made such an impact on each soul 4/14/2005
David Zaritski, United States POPE JOHN 2 THE GREAT 4/14/2005
Ginger Brown, United States Pope John Paul II, the Great 4/14/2005
Sandra Rock, United States Condolences for John Paul II 4/14/2005
reji thomas, India condlence 4/14/2005
The Rev GDV Wiebe SSC.,PhD, United States Condolences 4/14/2005
arthur, Philippines condolences 4/14/2005
TINA, United States FOR OUR HOLY FATHER ON EARTH 4/14/2005
Monica, United States A Life Well Spent 4/14/2005
Melissa Lopes, United States John Paul II the GREAT will never be forgotten... 4/14/2005
Joyce Owen, United States You made a difference! 4/14/2005
Stephen F. Edwards, United States Santo Subito! 4/14/2005
Chidi, United Kingdom GO IN PEACE 4/14/2005
Steve and Sandy White & Family, United States Gift From God 4/14/2005
MARY, United States THROUGH HIM, I FOUND TRUTH 4/14/2005
Donna A. Canovali, United States For strong as death is love 4/14/2005
Mr & Mrs Edward Lopez, Jr, United States Pope John Paul II 4/14/2005
Therese A. Moriarty, United States I will never forget you. 4/14/2005
James R. Sefcik, United States Love 4/14/2005
beth messner, United States john paul was a good man 4/14/2005
Robillard 7, United States He made such an impact on each soul 4/14/2005
Donna Pineda Durkee, United States Condolence 4/14/2005
Patrcia L. DeVita, United States GOD BLESS 4/14/2005
nadim, United States love the pope 4/14/2005
Precious, Nigeria The Pope was truely an ICON 4/14/2005
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