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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
Agustin Ibarra L., United States Juan Pablo II, te quiere todo el Mundo! 4/9/2005
Rosemary Osorio, United States Gratzie 4/9/2005
Gleyci Parrales Alston, Nicaragua Adios querido Papa 4/8/2005
Elena, United States Condolencias 4/8/2005
joe murray, United States Now you let your servant go in peace, 4/8/2005
Jill Scholz, United States Farwell 4/8/2005
Jon B, United States Farewell 4/8/2005
john kelly, Cape Verde pope john paul II 4/8/2005
Sam, United States Thank you 4/8/2005
Jim & Maggie Palmer, United States Our Papa 4/8/2005
Elizabeth Trout, United States Condolences 4/8/2005
THE WOLFE FAMILY, United States BE NOT AFRAID 4/8/2005
Mary Dorothy Murdock, United States John Paurl 11 4/8/2005
yolanda g carrera, United States Pope John Paul-Crosier Cross 4/8/2005
joejenny2, United States Condolence 4/8/2005
Daniel Vargas, Costa Rica The Soldier of God and Mary's Personal Guard 4/8/2005
Victor and Anita Silveira, New Zealand He was our Spiritual Father 4/8/2005
Benitez Family, United States Condolences to the Pope 4/8/2005
Ellen and John Ontko, United States The Rock 4/8/2005
Ted and Daisy , United States Emptiness 4/8/2005
Russ and Arlene Holtman, United States Pope John Paul II 4/8/2005
Lori, United States Goodbye Papa 4/8/2005
Dwight Wood, United States go in peace Holy Father 4/8/2005
Tashi Catrina, United States In Heaven Now 4/8/2005
ERomani, United States Blessed is the Pope 4/8/2005
Denys Claude Uwitonze, United States Pope was more than a father 4/8/2005
Johnny Cox, United States Thank you Holy Father 4/8/2005
Richard and Rosemary Micallef, Jr., United States Thank You God for Giving us John Pope II 4/8/2005
ciopstyx, United States Lost Blessing 4/8/2005
Melissa, United States Pope 4/8/2005
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