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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
Marie Oseguera, United States In Loving Memory of John Paul the Great 4/8/2005
Linda Doran T.O.Carm, United States THANK YOU DEAR HOLY FATHER! 4/8/2005
Joe Franceski, United States Remembering The Holy Father 4/8/2005
Danielle, United States Losing the only Pope we've know 4/8/2005
Mario Salinas, United States condolences 4/8/2005
Maristel Abad-Apuhin, Philippines Thank You and We love you 4/8/2005
KGCooper , United States Thank You 4/8/2005
Martha Del Toro, United States Sympathy 4/8/2005
John Cardenas, United States Condolences 4/8/2005
Joseph & Kathryn Cowles, United States Love to our Holy Father 4/8/2005
Ivy, United States Pope on a mission! 4/8/2005
Julianna, United States Heavenly Father! 4/8/2005
Denise, Philippines we'll miss you 4/8/2005
Jody, Canada Until We Meet 4/8/2005
Ken and Josephine Romans Oliva, United States We Love You St. John Paul II 4/8/2005
Bodnar Family, United States My deepest condolences 4/8/2005
rita obrien, United States condolence to our holy father 4/8/2005
Pam Grimwood, United States Condolence 4/8/2005
John Jackson, Canada The Pope's Passing 4/8/2005
Betty and Dave Cormier, United States You will be greatly missed. 4/8/2005
Dotty Crispino, United States Pope John Paul II 4/8/2005
Victoria Brand, United States Your gift of life 4/8/2005
Eugene Cordano, United States condolences 4/8/2005
Gisele S King, United States Condoleances 4/8/2005
Mary, United States Jesus true representative on earth 4/8/2005
Juan Delgado, United States Una realidad vivida 4/11/2005
Antero A y Norma Trujillo, United States Mi mas sentido pesar 4/11/2005
Gloria, Mexico Un gran vacío 4/11/2005
krystel sadiwa, Philippines Mabuhay ang Santo Padre! 4/10/2005
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