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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
David Burford, United States Our Condolences 4/2/2005
Paul, United States CONDOLENCES 4/2/2005
Fr. Michael Ridgill, United States Thank you John Paul 4/2/2005
EvaGracia Seeney , United States Pope John 4/2/2005
Julie Hoffman, United States Thank you eternally 4/2/2005
Christina Pereira, United States Thank you for your blessings! 4/2/2005
Lisa DeLapo, United States Welcome Home, JPII 4/2/2005
Rose and Don Parlock, United States Great friend 4/2/2005
Percy C Richardson, United States Condolences 4/2/2005
Frank Bellicose, United States Final Condolences 4/2/2005
Gloria Harper, United States condolences 4/2/2005
Matthew Fisher, United States Prayer for the Pope 4/2/2005
Jean Possberg, Canada condolences 4/1/2005
alex and salud de castro, Philippines full of grief 4/1/2005
janet chase, United States love for our Holy Father 4/1/2005
Jessica, United States Pope John Paul II 4/2/2005
John Dey, United States Missing our Father 4/2/2005
Tom Weisbecker, United States greatest Pope of my lifetime 4/2/2005
Johnny Birkey, United States God bless John Paul the GREAT! 4/2/2005
Shaun, United States The Death of the Holy Father 4/2/2005
Ches Jones, United States John Paul II: A true model of Christ for our times 4/2/2005
Steve, Monica , Ryan & Darren Bondy, Canada Pope John Paul 4/2/2005
Ron Buttarazzi II, United States Papal Condolence 4/2/2005
Maria Victoria Patricia V. Smith, United States Prayers & sadness 4/2/2005
Marianne Ashton, United States Rejoice! Our Holy Father is in Heaven 4/2/2005
Bob Andrepont, United States We have lost our leader 4/2/2005
Carol, United States Godspeed 4/2/2005
Janet Jones, United States Thanksgiving 4/2/2005
Linda Mondzelewski, United States Condolence for the Holy Father 4/2/2005
Anne Hart, United States The death of Pope John Paul II 4/2/2005
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