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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
Charlotte Kriley, United States Faith 4/2/2005
Michael, Kaely Monahan, United States For the repose of St. John Paul ll 4/2/2005
Melodie, Canada Papa 4/2/2005
Bob Buckley, Canada Our deepest condolences 4/2/2005
Estrella Pineda, United States Condolence for the Holy Father 4/2/2005
Timothy Michael Wilmet, United States Pope John Paul 4/2/2005
Anonymous, United States JPII 4/2/2005
Cynthia Boulia, United States condolences for our Holy Father 4/2/2005
Julia Popovich, United States Pope John Paul II 4/2/2005
Andrea Alvarado, Panama My Deepest Condolences 4/2/2005
Sister Mary Michaeline, O.P., United States Prayers 4/2/2005
Fr. Michael Ridgill, United States Thank you John Paul 4/2/2005
Michael , United States John Paull II 4/2/2005
The Brabstons, United States Pope's passing on to Eternal Life 4/2/2005
Damian, United States Condolences 4/2/2005
David Burford, United States Our Condolences 4/2/2005
eva field, United States pope/pappa 4/2/2005
Ester Goonis, United States Condolence for the Holy Father 4/2/2005
James Fleck, United States Blessings 4/2/2005
Michael Broussard, United States Inspirational 4/2/2005
The Hicks Family, Australia Thankyou and God Bless 4/2/2005
Nio Molina, Philippines WE LOVE YOU, PAPA LOLEK! 4/1/2005
Donna Andrade, United States Holy Father 4/1/2005
Vineyard Christian Fellowship, United States No longer with us, walking with the Father 4/1/2005
robert, United States John Paul II 4/1/2005
blanchard and brenda bernard, United States his holiness pope john paul II 4/1/2005
William Niermeyer, B.S., M.Div., United States Sorrow 4/1/2005
Karen Lyn Jenkins, United States Our Blessed Pope John Paul II 4/1/2005
Lourdes & John Enriquez & Family, United States In imitation of Christ. 4/1/2005
Phil Allard, United States Bless you 4/1/2005
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