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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
Matthew Conely, United States Rest in Peace Holy Father 4/2/2005
Carol, United States Godspeed 4/2/2005
Ludwik Kozlowski M.D., United States Comment 4/2/2005
Frank Estremera, United States John Paul II Passing 4/2/2005
Thierry P Wersinger, United States JPII 4/2/2005
Helio Ramírez, Mexico A great man and a great soul now rests in peace. 4/2/2005
Michael, United States A true man of love 4/2/2005
Kristen, United States Missed 4/2/2005
Veronica Sotelo, United States I will miss you 4/2/2005
Shane Hilyard, United States His Holiness 4/2/2005
Nick, United States Pope John Paul II 4/2/2005
Wendell Clanton, Canada Victoria 4/2/2005
Margaret StJohn, United States Gratitude 4/2/2005
Jean Barnum, United States Condoloence 4/2/2005
Eva Lerner de Escamilla, Guatemala Pray for us 4/2/2005
Peter Storer & Associates, United States Thank You and God Welcome John Paul to Heaven 4/2/2005
Andrew Brennan, United States A Great Inspiration 4/2/2005
James & Paula Theriot, United States Godspeed John Paula 4/2/2005
Angela Santoro, United States Our earthly father 4/2/2005
Matthew F. Lupardo, United States Condolence 4/2/2005
Mary D. Martin, United States Pope John Paul 4/2/2005
Gloria Kindric, United States PopeJohn Paul II 4/1/2005
Jimmy , United States My Sympathy 4/2/2005
James Lee Murphy, United States Condolence for the Holy Father 4/2/2005
Gustavo E de Mena G, Panama Condolencias 4/2/2005
Jill Skornia, United States Condolences 4/2/2005
Andrew Joseph Jaeger, United States We love you John Paul II 4/2/2005
Thomas & Dolores Bates, United States The passing of the Holy Father 4/2/2005
Donald Gies, United States Passing of a Modern Saint 4/2/2005
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