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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
Dan Scheeler, United States Requiescat in pace 4/2/2005
Charles Beard, United States Pope 4/2/2005
Randy Lilko, Canada Joy for the Pope 4/2/2005
Mrs. K. Damude, Canada Condolence 4/2/2005
Shon P. Connors, United States The Pope's Death 4/2/2005
patricia a farrell, United States THE LOSS OF OUR BELOVED HUMBLE SERVANT 4/2/2005
Megan Sweeney , United States Pope's Passing 4/2/2005
Kathi Andrews, United States Farewell 4/2/2005
Sean, United Kingdom Thank you 4/2/2005
Seth, United States My Only Holy Father 4/2/2005
marilyn russell, United States death of our beloved Pope 4/2/2005
linda battaglia, United States god bless the peacemakers they belong to god 4/2/2005
Melissa DeFries, United States Rest in Peace 4/2/2005
KSB Marshall, United States Farewell to our Beloved Pope 4/2/2005
Angela, United States Thank you God 4/2/2005
Pete/Liz Brown and Rex/Lupe Ranking, United States We will miss you! 4/2/2005
Gayle Joseph, United States Passing of our Holy Father 4/2/2005
peter f. lapira and family, United States condolence 4/2/2005
Frances M. Wires, United States His Holiness' Passing 4/2/2005
Olivia, United States Condolence 4/2/2005
Ida Johnson, United States Our deepest sympathy 4/2/2005
Michael, United States The Pope's legacy 4/2/2005
Diane Bruno, United States My heart is heavy 4/2/2005
The Cyr Family, United States Grateful for this Servant of God 4/2/2005
mark wisniewski, United States remembrances of John Paul in Detroit 4/2/2005
Aaron Kooienga, United States Condolences for the pope 4/2/2005
Bob Boulos, Lebanon He Changed my Life in year 2000, and So today! 4/2/2005
Dr. and Mrs James Monahan, United States Condolence 4/2/2005
Vince McClarty, Australia The Great Pope John Paul II...may he rest in peace 4/2/2005
Lisa Burke, United States With love... 4/2/2005
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