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           Name - Country Topic Date
James Tong, Canada Good bye, my friend. 4/2/2005
David Bratton, United States The Great 4/2/2005
Arturo Minarro, United States My Love Pope 4/2/2005
Kimberly Bousquet, United States Mourning, yet joy 4/2/2005
Eva Bates, United States JP II 4/2/2005
Ana shawl, United States May he rest in the arms of Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother. 4/2/2005
Frank Yukon III, United States Thank You John Paul II 4/2/2005
Mark Douglas Ignatius Higgins, United Kingdom Thankyou God for Pope John Paul II 4/2/2005
Angel Lopez-Candales, United States Rest Your Soul in the Peace of the Lord 4/2/2005
Ernie and Marichu Kahn and kids, Philippines We are Orphans 4/2/2005
Bill & Mary Ann Dever Family, United States In Loving Memory of Our Wonderful Pontiff, John Paul II 4/2/2005
Garabed d. Zakarian, United States Great in the kingdom of heaven,, & loved well on this Earth... 4/2/2005
Elizabeth, Canada Thank you 4/2/2005
James, United States We will miss you! 4/2/2005
Monica, United States We love you Papa 4/2/2005
Deena Creamer, United States You are now home! 4/2/2005
Martha Bandes, Honduras Condolences 4/2/2005
Gerry McCarthy, Canada Thoughts and Prayers 4/2/2005
D. C., United States Love and Prayer 4/2/2005
Thomas & Helen Elder, United States Condolences for The Holy Father 4/2/2005
Susan Bennett, United States Saddness and Hope 4/2/2005
Mel, United States An Inspiration 4/2/2005
Kathy Doyle, United States On the death of our Pope 4/2/2005
Shirley, United States Papa John Paul II 4/2/2005
voltaire john s delos reyes, Philippines a man of courage 4/2/2005
James Byers, United States Requisit in pacem 4/2/2005
Barbara Brull, United States Death of the Pope 4/2/2005
Lillie Palmer, United States with Christ 4/2/2005
Vp, United States Prayers 4/2/2005
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