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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
Beatriz de Arzú, Guatemala Remember us in heaven 4/2/2005
Wangler, United States Blessings and Sympathy 4/2/2005
Melanie Villarmia, Philippines JP II, I LOVE YOU 4/2/2005
Paul Bernacchio, United States Pope John Paul II 4/2/2005
Trudi Garth, United States I love you 4/2/2005
Gene W. Frase Jr., United States We are BLESSED having known of you 4/2/2005
Wittler Family, United States Return to Heaven 4/2/2005
Elisa Bell, United States I love you very very much. 4/2/2005
Felix y Zanya Ruiz, Panama An Inspiration for our Family 4/2/2005
Gibson Family, United States Love to the Holy Father Pope John Paul II 4/2/2005
Dreamer, United States May God rest your dear soul. 4/2/2005
Lynne De Leon, Philippines God Bless You Pope John Paul II 4/2/2005
Steve Martínez, Peru Tú oraste por nosotros, hoy oramos por ti. 4/2/2005
Arely Piñeyro Alatorre, Mexico Juan Pablo II.. 4/1/2005
Marc Cook, United Kingdom I will miss you 4/2/2005
Dimas Arias, Colombia Thanks God for Pope John Paul II 4/2/2005
Harriet, United States Deepest Sympathy 4/2/2005
Carlos Abraham Rodriguez, El Salvador Condolences 4/2/2005
Julie Smith, United States Condolences 4/2/2005
sharon, United States miss you 4/2/2005
John Steele, United States Suffered for Jesus our Lord 4/2/2005
Brian & Jerry Ann O'Donnell, United States Truly a Saint! 4/2/2005
Rick Zupan Family, United States We are not Afaid 4/2/2005
Carlos Rivera, Mexico Te amamos 4/2/2005
St. Joseph Community O.C.D.S., United States JOHN PAUL 11 4/2/2005
Gene W. Frase Jr., United States GOD BLESS A HOLY MAN 4/2/2005
Pat Elliott, United States Prayer of Thanks 4/2/2005
Marie Sarabia, Canada Lolek 4/2/2005
Fr Andrew Grace, Australia Condolence for the Holy Father. 4/2/2005
Melissa, United States Rest In Peace 4/2/2005
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