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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
johnvincent, United States condolance 4/10/2005
Judd, United States Truly a Saint 4/10/2005
Susan M Hughes, United States Pray For Us 4/11/2005
Laura Armentano, United States A Condolence Message for the Great John Paul II 4/11/2005
Erika, United States We will miss you, but glad you are at rest. 4/10/2005
Shelly, United States Thank you for Serving the Church! 4/10/2005
Helen, United States Pope John Paul II 4/10/2005
Bernie Schumaker, United States John Paul the Great! 4/9/2005
Ronald , Philippines Love and Prayers 4/10/2005
Steve Miller, United States Thank you 4/10/2005
Mary Rector, United States Thank you 4/10/2005
Maria Gonzalez, United States We Thank You ! 4/10/2005
DORIS E. STOLL (BETTY), United States WITH MY EYES 4/11/2005
Alanna Francois, Saint Lucia Well Done Pope John Paul II; we love you. 4/12/2005
Gillian, United States Inspirational 4/12/2005
Redentor Lorenzo R. Bituin, Philippines John Paul II 4/12/2005
tom and michelle winterman, United States our pope 4/11/2005
Kim Zocco, United States Thanksgiving 4/11/2005
jordan, United States love letter from a 4 year old 4/11/2005
Martinez Family, United States To Our Holy Father 4/9/2005
stephen brown, United States jpII condolence 4/11/2005
Anita Carr, Ireland from Northern Ireland/Vocations 4/9/2005
E&SMartin, United States Viva il Papa! 4/11/2005
paulette dumais, United States sincere condolence for Pope John Paul II 4/11/2005
Judith Ann Cassata, United States I've come 4/11/2005
M. L. Parrino, United States Thank you, John Paul II 4/11/2005
carmelita merete, United States Praise for our beloved Pope 4/11/2005
Lisa, United States Midnight Mass 4/10/2005
Mr & Mrs Steven & family, United States We love you and We miss you 4/11/2005
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