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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
James McNamara, United States dear Holy Father 4/10/2005
Mary I. Wright, United States Condolences for Holy Father 4/10/2005
Patricia Mckee and family, United Kingdom Condolence 4/10/2005
henryka campbell, United States John Paul II 4/11/2005
Colleen Flaherty, United States The most beloved yet most feared man in all history! 4/10/2005
Jenny V. Bonds, United States A Light has Left Us... but Shines in the Heavens forever. 4/10/2005
Patricia Isabella, United States Your new life with the Lord 4/10/2005
amber e, United States farewell to Pope 4/10/2005
Ma. Sarah Noela Salcedo-Lorena, Philippines My greatest symphaty 4/11/2005
Marie Yves Vales- Preval, United States What a tremendous loss! 4/10/2005
Laurene LaBelle, Canada condolence for the Holy Father, {Pope} J.P.II 4/10/2005
Charla Lynn, United States You glorified God in all you did 4/10/2005
ERNIE AND GRACE DEL CASTILLO, Philippines Thanks and farewell. 4/11/2005
Kyriaka (Greek Orthodox Christian), United States Sorry to hear of his passing 4/10/2005
MILLER, Harry Philip, United States A Prayer for Pope John Paul II 4/10/2005
Ron, United States Thank you! 4/10/2005
Russel, Philippines Goodbye, sweet pontiff 4/11/2005
Pedro Etcheverry, United States Grazie Duemilla , Maestro 4/10/2005
The Starcher Family, United States Pray For Us 4/10/2005
The Anthony Savino Family, United States God gave us a Gift- John Paul The Great 4/10/2005
Jo Ann Franczyk Andrews, United States Pope John Paul 4/10/2005
Cindi, United States miss you Papa 4/10/2005
Celeste , United States JP II We Love You! 4/11/2005
James, United States Thank you! 4/11/2005
Austin Onimisi, Nigeria We Love you 4/11/2005
becky zwolinski, United States You are my Spiritual Father 4/11/2005
Mary Ficarra, United States Miss the Holy Father 4/10/2005
Marilyn Armstrong, United States Our Holy Father, Pope John Paul lI, The Great 4/10/2005
Dorothy Ann Skolnekovich, United States Thankyou, and I will alway remember you faith and love 4/10/2005
Donna Majeski, United States Eternal Rest Holy Father 4/10/2005
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