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           Name - Country Topic Date
Tony, Ophie, Abe & Isaac Bravo, Philippines Pope John Paul II 4/12/2005
T. Lake, United States A POEM FOR POET POPE 4/12/2005
Karen Hauser, United States Welcome Home 4/12/2005
The Judges - Lynn, Tom amd Tom Jr, United States Poem for Pope John Paul II 4/12/2005
Phil and Helen Ionadi, United States John Paul The Great 4/12/2005
matt rhedin, United States holy father 4/12/2005
Emile, United States Our Inspiration and Guide 4/12/2005
Pete Zaharia, Canada memory 4/12/2005
Theresa M., United States Be not afraid 4/12/2005
Diana Sanchez, United States Pope John Paul 4/12/2005
Editha and family, United States Thank you Holy Father...Pray for the conversion in world 4/12/2005
Dixie Meyers, United States (St.) Pope John Paul II, pray for us, and with us. Thanks. 4/12/2005
Angela Stokes, United States Thank you 4/12/2005
Kathy Donohue, United States St. Pope John Paul II 4/12/2005
Laurie Monahan, United States In Memory 4/12/2005
Lynne Amerson, United States A MAN OF ALL SEASONS 4/12/2005
Marie J. Geshel, United States Italy-1988** And Denver 1993 4/12/2005
Dawn, United States Condolences 4/12/2005
Mae Nonato, Philippines AN EXAMPLE OF GOD'S SERVANT 4/12/2005
Sherwin Bagas, United States A big loss 4/12/2005
Susan Hilderman, United States Miracle of our times 4/12/2005
jan everly, United States Los Angeles Visit 4/12/2005
Gina and John, United States His Reward will be Great 4/12/2005
Margaret Sagala-Rivera, United States Gratitude 4/12/2005
Julie Mendenhall, United States Condolences for the Holy Father Pope John Paul II 4/12/2005
Mark Gallegos, United States Great Man 4/12/2005
Kathleen H. Donohue, United States CONDOLENCES 4/12/2005
Eileen L. Fox, United States Prayer for Our Holy Father 4/12/2005
Christine, United States rememberance 4/12/2005
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