Celebrating 90 Years
Eternal Word Television Network would like to celebrate the 90th birthday of
EWTN's foundress Mother Angelica!
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Happy Birthday my Sweet Angel - if it wasn't for you, I don't think I would feel the peace I have inside me for Jesus that I pray continues to get stronger each and every day I have on this earth until this unworthy servant is with my Lord and Savior, Jesus!


I was a young mother when EWTN was first on the air back in the early 1980's. At that time, we only had EWTN programs during the evening hours. It was the most incredible thing I had ever seen on TV.... all Catholic programs! As with many folks raised in the 1960's, I thought I knew everything "Catholic" when I was confirmed.... but EWTN taught me so much about my faith in such a beautiful and powerful manner. I grew in my faith and in love of Jesus and His beautiful Church every day.... I was privileged to attend your 25th anniversary celebration here in Denver. I was waiting in line to enter the auditorium, when someone from EWTN handed me a cell phone and said: "Would you like to say Hi to Mother Angelica?" She was on the phone and I was blessed to thank her for all her sacrifices for the Network! I am much older now, children all grown, and I still learn something almost every time I watch EWTN. Especially events like the Papal conclave and World Youth Day.... I thank God every day that I was given the gift of Baptism into His Church when I was a wee baby and that I was able to experience EWTN all these years and offer a small monthly stipend in thanksgiving for all Mother Angelica's efforts! Love and Prayers to Mother and all those involved with EWTN..... Oh, PS: Thank you for the beautiful tribute to Deacon Bill and his devoted widow!!


Dear Mother,

After God, EWTN means everything to me. I had a stroke myself 5 years ago, and it has helped me pull through most of my recovery. I learned a lot about our faith, prayed for others, big time.

I love you and Thank God for you every day.

May God richly Bless you!
Thank you always, Teresa

Mine is one of many EWTN stories. I left the church for 20 years. Found EWTN by accident while browsing channels and thanks to Mother Angelica and her network came back with more knowledge and a much stronger faith. I include Mother in my daily prayers and daily rosary. Happy Birthday Mother and May God Bless you always,


Happy 90th birthday! I remember Fr. Machado saying he prayed before seeing you in person because you listened and acted upon the Holy Spirit to have a Network of E.W.T.N to bring souls to Christ. You didn't give up; you kept on trying to do God's will. I thank you for your witness at this time in 2013. I will be praying for you to the Infant Of Prague for your health and [also pray] a rosary. You have changed many souls to come back to Christ and the Catholic Church. God Bless you,


I fondly remember my first meeting with Reverend Mother when Father Levis and I taped our first season of WEB OF FAITH. It was 1998. We were on the Mother Angelica Live! Show. Father Levis and I and mother laughed so much while on the air my sides were hurting. She is so down to earth, genuine, and straight-shooting and VERY Italian. She says what she means and means what she says. I gave her (on the show) a five pound Hershey bar. She said she just told the nuns that very morning that they needed to do some mortifications. So, she announced no more candy, especially chocolate, will be on the grocery list until further notice. The only exception would be IF someone spontaneously DONATES some to the monastery, then the nuns can eat and enjoy it. Hence, she said the sisters will be smiling tonight when she goes back from the studio carrying a solid five pound chocolate bar.

Later, Mother showed me, Father Levis and a priest friend of mine, the new shrine. In the beginning, it was literally on a dirt road. No paving, no stones, just dirt. The shrine went up bit-by-bit, day-by-day. Mother invited us to the dedication and consecration. She let us see what the cloister looked like BEFORE it was solemnly sealed and shut forever. I went up the steps to look at the empty seven foot Monstrance. When I came down, I teased Mother Angelica: "Reverend Mother, how is any priest going to do Benediction with such a large and heavy Monstrance?" I knew it was not there for Benediction but for Adoration. She quickly quipped, "Father, any priest touches that Monstrance, I'll break his knuckles, one by one." And she smiled. Later, she showed me the Monstrance Pope John Paul the Great personally sent her. It was a gift to him from Poland and he in turn gave it to Mother Angelica. She always likes to share with you how generous others are and have been.

I visited her in the ICU when she had her stroke. She was unable to speak but was conscious and alert. I anointed her and gave her a blessing. I said, "I love you, Mother." She moved her lips quietly, mouthing "I love you, too."

Last year, Father Brighenti and I visited her in Hanceville and we saw her kitty cat. Though unable to speak, Mother, being Italian, could speak either with her hands or just by facial expressions. Her eyes and face said it all. We knew when she was happy or sad, when she agreed or disagreed. And she could still smile and laugh.

EWTN, along with Opus Dei, preserved my vocation through minor and major seminary (12 yrs). I am as much indebted to EWTN as I am to Opus Dei and Father Bob Levis for my priesthood which I celebrate 25 years this very May (14)

Your Spiritual Son, Father John Trigilio